Churchill’s Shadow – WWII drama based on truth

Fast paced and suspenseful. Discover the secret memoirs of Churchill’s bodyguard, Walter Thompson in this WWII drama based on truth.

In 2007, Linda Stoker wrote the acclaimed documentary series, ‘Churchill’s Bodyguard’. However the documentary was just half the story, Linda was only able to include evidence that had a second source. In her new book, she has been able to use exciting and revealing information told to her by her great uncle, Ex-Inspector Walter Thompson, Churchill’s bodyguard for 21 years. During the world’s worst conflict, Thompson is torn between his own flesh and blood, who are fighting with the French Resistance against the Nazis, and that of keeping Winston Churchill alive and sane.

New cover LindaChurchill’s shadow is an epic family at war, unique WWII drama. It takes us, with Walter, through the veiled, dark corridors of power of Westminster and The White House.

Not only does Thompson have to protect his boss from numerous assassination attempts, he must also cope with Churchill’s ‘black dog’ days and his total disregard for danger. Even in the face of war – Churchill is his own worst enemy.

Never before published events brought to us by Thompson’s great niece, Linda Stoker.

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Churchill’s Shadow ebook available from amazon click here

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